Thundersports Netball Tours.

Q: How many teams can we bring?
A: There is no limit on the number of teams you enter, if there is space in the Tournament.

Q: How many players per team can we bring?
A: There is no limit on the numbers per team. We recommend you bring at least 8 players in case of injury. We cannot accept entries from teams with less than 7 players.

Q: Where are the hotels located?
A: Hotels are usually located in the town centres, or close by. The Village Hotel is approx 4 miles out of Bournemouth Town and close to the playing venue.

Q: What are the travel arrangements to the playing venue?
A: Teams are responsible for their own travel arrangement to and from the playing venue. All venues have free parking.

Q: Is there any entertainment arranged?
A: We have found that teams prefer to make their own arrangements for their time outside of the Tournaments. Bournemouth and Blackpool have night clubs, restaurants and bars to suit all tastes.

Q: How many matches do we get?
A: The exact format depends on the number of teams entered. Generally, there are 6 matches on the Saturday of 6 minutes each way, playing every team in your group. The groups are divided into morning or afternoon sections, so that your team have leisure time either in the morning or afternoon. On Sunday teams are re-grouped. Generally there are 3 matches plus semis and finals.

Q: What are our Hotel room allocations?
A: You may request twin or triple rooms and we shall do our best to arrange this, but cannot guarantee your request. Triple rooms may sometimes be twin beds plus a sofa bed.

Q: When is the final balance due?
A: The final balance is due 8 weeks before the Tournament.